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LDOT Consulting

ldot-consultingLDOT Occupational Therapy Consultation also known as Supported Quality Practice – “SQPR”, provides personal and professional OT consulting services to meet the needs of the OT, the employer, or an organization that requires OT consultation or education support. Supervision is uniquely tailored to your or your organization’s needs, within the framework of your organization, or personal portfolio.

We engage in a collaborative approach to OT supervision, which relies on honest and open communication underpinned by trust and a non-judgmental approach to ensure the best supervision for you and your service.

As consultants, we have presented and created Webinars on a wide variety of subjects including AODA requirements, Home adaptations, and have been consultant OT’s on projects such as the renovation of the Archetypal house at Kortright Centre.

  • Support and supervision for newly graduated OT’s
  • Supervision before general Registration
  • Support for setting up a new practice or service
  • Clinical supervision for sole charge therapists or therapist with no clinical supervisor
  • Service for employers of Occupational Therapists who need clinical supervision, quality assurance and staff evaluations completed
  • Initial consultation complementary
  • In person, by phone or Skype

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