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If either you, your patient or client are having difficulty with activities of daily living due to either physical, cognitive or emotional difficulties, we are here to help.

Through the LDOT procedure we ensure that your patients or clients needs are being met, and the documentation for medical and legal or insurance purposes that is required, is timely, accurate and complete.

Please call us directly at either of our two locations Hamilton: 905-481-1122 or Toronto/Woodbridge: 416-907-6287 so we can communicate with you about your goals.

LDOT Services

Occupational Therapy (OT) in Home

LDOT Services

We work with the individual to determine the physical, cognitive and emotional impairments  that affect the client`s function within the home. Recommendations can range from a few assistive devices to a complex program to help a person gain independence doing their normal activity of daily living.

Work Site Assessment

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Both physical tasks and non-physical/cognitive requirements are assessed when considering the position of work placement. These two elements are measured in order to establish return to work goals or determine whether the position remains to be fit for the client post-injury.

Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)


Following an injury, physical and cognitive limitations exist, whether they develop over time or are immediate. If the rehabilitation process has plateaued, a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is an ideal step for further planning and goal setting with respect to return to work or other meaningful activities.

Vocational Assessment


Client’s interests, education and experiences are assessed to determine transferable skills. Labour Market Research and/or additional education are all considered. Position tolerance, pain levels and ability to focus are examples of areas assessed to help determine the vocational fit.

PGAP - Progressive Goal Attainment Program

Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP®)

The Progressive Goal Attainment Program ( PGAP®) is designed to prevent or reduce the severity of disability that can arise following injury or illness by providing individuals with a tool set that assists them in progressing with life. Read More

CBTI - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia


Insomnia is the single most commonly reported health problem in adults, and is often related or co-exists with reports of depression and /or anxiety, Chronic pain, PTSD, and other disorders. What we also know, is the stress to fall asleep can mount… Read More

On Track


Please call us directly at either of our two locations:
Hamilton: 905-481-1122 
 so we can communicate with you about your goals and to get further details on the On Track Program.

Home Adaption Services

Home Adaptation

Home Adaption Services consist of helping person(s) adapt their home to make it safe, and functional for all who live there including:

  • Ageing in place – one time flat rate screening assessments – then only pay for the services you want
  • Suggest no hassle solutions – for yourself or your family members
  • A team of experienced Occupational Therapists working with all involved.
  • Maintain a list of vetted Contractors who have proven experience in the accessibility field
  • Follow-up until post adaptation assessment
  • Can suggest funding source contacts
  • Refer OT treatment as necessary to maintain level of independence
  • Refer other services such as PSW, home based physio and speech language pathology, making treatment seamless and efficient.

LDOT Consulting

About LDOT

LDOT Consulting also known as Supported Quality Practice – “SQPR”, provides personal and professional Occupational Therapy consultation or education support. Supervision is uniquely tailored to your or your organization’s needs, within the framework of your organization, or personal portfolio.

We engage in a collaborative approach to OT supervision, which relies on honest and open communication underpinned by trust and a non-judgmental approach to ensure the best supervision for you and your service.

  • Support and supervision for newly graduated OT’s
  • Supervision before general Registration
  • Support for setting up a new practice or service
  • Clinical supervision for sole charge therapists or therapist with no clinical supervisor
  • Service for employers of Occupational Therapists who need clinical supervision, quality assurance and staff evaluations completed
  • Initial consultation complementary
  • In person, by phone or Skype