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CBS Assessment

Cambridge Brain Sciences (CBS) Assessment Demo

Home Adaptation

Home Adaptation Services

Home Adaptation is “Ageing in Place”, “Inclusive Living spaces ” and “Accessibility ” which have become common phrases used in the media to describe the need for adapt the home environment for safe living for all. LDOT Home Adaptation Services
LDOT Services

LDOT Services

Been in an accident? Have an Injury? Having difficulty with your normal daily living activities? We are here to help. We provide a wide range of assessment and treatment services that help you get your life back, or at least
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LDOT Consulting

LDOT Occupational Therapy Consultation also known as Supported Quality Practice - "SQPR", provides personal and professional OT consulting services to meet the needs of the OT, the employer, or an organization that requires OT consultation or education support. Supervision is uniquely

Occupational Therapy . Empower Yourself . Do More . Live Better