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Cognitive Behavioural Functional Capacity Evaluation (cFCE)

The Cognitive/Behavioural FCE is the next logical step in functional capacity evaluations. A Physical FCE examines only physical capacities, and ignores the cognitive and emotional ones that are often real barriers to returning to the workforce. Which is why at LDOT, we employ certified Matheson Cognitive/Behavioural Functional Capacity Evaluators to perform the Cognitive/Behavioural FCE assessment. The Cognitive/Behavioural FCE includes cognitive functional testing and integration of behavioural observations to ascertain functioning. Hands-on work tasks are also included and designed to reflect tasks that the client would typically complete on a daily basis. Tasks test sustained attention, multi-tasking, distraction tolerance, ability to retain information, effective organization and prioritization skills, and ability to persist through fatigue and pain.

At a reduced combined cost, the Cognitive/Behavioural FCE can be combined with a Physical FCE to determine Global Functioning.

Please call us directly at either of our two locations Hamilton: 905-481-1122 or Toronto/Woodbridge: 416-907-6287 so we can communicate with you about your goals.

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