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Global Functional Capacity Assessment (gFCE)

This assessment- as the name suggests – assesses global physical, cognitive and emotional functional capacity that one might need to perform a specific job or any job in general. Capacity is the key word here –a capacity assessment measures how much or how long one can perform a certain function. It also takes into account the effect of pain and fatigue on all the realms of function. This type of assessment is helpful to determine if a person who has physical impairments, as well as cognitive and/or emotional issues related to pain, brain injury and/or psychological disorder, can do their job or any job. It can also help to determine and provide opinion on what accommodations or adaptations they might need to succeed.

Please call us directly at either of our two locations Hamilton: 905-481-1122 or Toronto/Woodbridge: 416-907-6287 so we can communicate with you about your goals.

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