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What is a Regulated Health Professional?

What is a Regulated Health Professional?

regulated-health-pro_largeA Regulated Health Professional that, by law, is a person whom must be registered by a regulatory body to have the right to call themselves a member of that profession and use the title. A College is a regulatory body that in the interest of public protection, supports health care professionals to ensure that they are competent, ethical and accountable.  Occupational Therapists in the province of Ontario must belong to the College of Occupational Therapist of Ontario (COTO).

Lesya Dyk has been committed a leader in the profession of Occupational Therapy, including sitting on the Council of the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario for 9 years,  and as President from 2010-2013. During this time, her executive duties included signing into law, the updated Registration Regulation, which will allow the public more access to the Register of Occupational Therapists. This will allow the public to gain greater access to information about the practitioners that treat them, finding treating Occupational Therapists , and therefore increasing public protection and access to care.

For more information contact: www.coto.org

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