What should I expect in my first meeting? - LDOT Occupational Services

What can I expect during my first meeting?

meeting-occupational-therapist_largeIn your first meeting with your Occupational Therapist, she or he will introduce themselves and provide you with their business card. You will then know their credentials and how to contact them in the future if you need to.  The therapist will then explain the purpose of the assessment, and what will happen during the assessment. Usually, the assessment will include an interview portion, and assessment of the home or work environment, a brief physical assessment, and if necessary, some other assessments that might require answering questions or writing. This process is called obtaining informed consent, so you know what you agreeing to in your assessment.

After the assessment is complete, you will be given information as to the report, and who it will be sent to. Also, your therapist may ask for your permission to contact your family doctor or other health professionals. They will ask you to sign a consent form that given them permission to release information or contact specific professionals or both.

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