LDOT Charitable Policy – Giving Back and Paying Forward

LDOT Charitable Supports – Giving Back and Paying Forward


Lesya Dyk has one man to thank for Lesya Dyk O.T. Service Inc. having a charitable policy. And that man is a plumber (a very rich plumber) from London England, Charlie Mullins. Charlie was featured in the original BBC series “Secret Millionaire”, as was his family. Charlie’s life changed when he volunteered at a programme for developmentally delayed men in a garden centre in the North of England. Neither the staff nor the clients knew who he was, and did not know that he was in fact, a millionaire. After watching this programme, Lesya was so moved by the results of Charlie Mullins’ volunteerism and charity, and moreover the profound change to Charlie in the course of the programme, that she contacted and corresponded with Charlie, and as a result developed a charitable policy. Part of that charitable policy is giving back to the communities in which we work (giving back), and investing in programmes for kids (paying it forward, to the next generation).

What was made abundantly clear in that episode of “Secret Millionaire”, is that everybody wants to be productive, wants to belong, and wants to have a bit of respect. And these men, who society often marginalized, wanted nothing more to “hang out” with a “bloke” who wanted to make garden projects with them, and who treated them with respect. And in the end, as well as a generous donation to the project, they received a donation of some facilities so they had a proper bathroom. It hit all the Occupational Therapy buttons- Self care, Productivity, Leisure, and a few other things as well. We will endeavor to place on our website; information of our charitable partners so you too can be inspired…

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