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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia

Insomnia is the single most commonly reported health problem in adults, and is often related or co-exists with reports of depression and /or anxiety, Chronic pain, PTSD, and other disorders. What we also know, is the stress to fall asleep can mount over time.

Research shows that CBT-I improves sleep, well-being, anxiety, depression and inflammatory markers in those with depression and pain. Medication and CBT both have well-established research to support insomnia treatment but CBT has longer lasting effects.

Our CBT-I trained Occupational therapists will help you identify what may be interfering with your sleep drive, and help to establish a new healthy sleep routine.

Please call us directly at either of our two locations Hamilton: 905-481-1122 or Toronto/Woodbridge: 416-907-6287 so we can communicate with you about your goals.

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